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2019.6 Release

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Version 2019.6 enhances GreenLigthECO along with several other improvements across the suite.  his version will be published to all current clients automatically on the evening of Wednesday, February 12, 2020.  No changes are required on your part.  

Feature Enhancements

  • Added an interactive report for all letters generated via GreenLightECO (PayStream, GreenLight)
  • Added an interactive report for all exceptions generated via GreenLightECO (PayStream, GreenLight)
  • Extended all communications to consumers to allow for exclusive SMS instead of email (PayStream)
  • Added a landing page for GreenLightECO with customization content to help direct consumers to go paperless (PayStream, GreenLight)
  • Added checking for federal holidays when sending electronic communications to consumers (PayStream)
  • SMS notifications of new electronic letters to consumers will now link directly to the letter after authentication (PayStream, Papyrus, GreenLight)
  • Refined password creation, update, and forgot processes (PayStream)
  • Updated the Attachments grid on the detailed account inquiry to show all attachments for a packet, highlighting the currently selected account (CAW, Papyrus)
  • Added an option to flag favorites on admin and client new message address book (CAW)
  • Agency users can now define if they are available as a message recipient to client users by multiple criteria (CAW)
  • Added client number column to the Legal Authorizations report (CAW)
  • System will now remember the selected sub tab when viewing an account and switching between packet members (CAW)
  • Updated Papyrus document types available for upload to a specific account to restrict by the source system of the account (Papyrus, CAW)
  • Updated Papyrus grid showing documents on accounts to list by the agency's account number instead of client's account number (Papyrus)

Bug Fixes

  • PayStream Users report did not display entries for users who registered with phone number and not email address (PayStream) - FIXED
  • PayStream users could see a count of attached files on an account that did not match the number of actual files displayed (PayStream, Papyrus) - FIXED
  • %LastName% and %FullName% variables were not populating appropriately on consumer notifications (PayStream) - FIXED
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